Cross-cultural communication agency

Our clients

We strive to provide both high-quality translations and an outstanding service.

At any of ourbranches, you will enjoy customer service that lives up to the highest expectations –whether you need a 1-page translation of a certificate or wish to sign a long-term contract with us.

We will do everything in our power to ensure you are happynot only with the quality of our work, but also withthe whole process of interacting with us.

trusted specialists

Most of the people with whom we work are regular clients who benefit from favorable terms and conditions when they place orders with us.

You could soon be joining them!

Personal consultant

Your personal consultant is your point of contact at the company; friendly and eager to help, your personal consultant will get to know you well and to understand your needs. Personal consultants do their utmost to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Priority for your orders

The companies that offer discounts are the ones whose prices are too high. What GAT offers you is a fantastic saving in terms of time. We will have your order completed and ready for you faster than anyone else.

Pleasant surprises

We are constantly working on new ideas as to how to surprise our clients (in a good way, of course!) –with considerable success.

Care and concern

We value your custom highly and strive to meet your expectations with a healthy dose of tender loving care.