What factors do affect the cost of translation?

Our prices depend on three factors, such as: 1Language combination; 2Correlation of the number of pages and delivery deadline; 3Format requirements for a translated document (if you need desktop publishing services).

How do you calculate the number of pages in a document?

One standard page equals 1,800 characters including spaces (according to the Microsoft Word statistics).

Which order is considered to be an urgent one?

We normally calculate 8 standard pages per day for translation. If this number is exceeded, the order is considered as urgent. Moreover, orders that have to be ready on the same day are also called urgent translations.

How do I place an order?

Please, click on the button ‘Place an order’ (on the Main Page) and fill in a form or send us an attached copy of your documents by e-mail to perevod@gat-gat.ru, specifying your request.

I do not have a digital copy of my document, how do I place an order then?

If you do not have a digital copy of the document you need to be translated, you can bring it to our office or request for express delivery service. After receiving your document, we will scan it, translate, convert and...

I need translation of a highly specialized technical text. Can you provide this service?

Our company employs professional translators who specialize in certain subjects and can provide high-quality translation of technical texts of any complexity. If it is necessary, a translated document is proofread by an expert specializing in the relevant field.

How long does it take?

Delivery deadline depends on: The volume of the document to be translated; The target language. Taking into account these parameters, we provide you with a comprehensive quote regarding costs and delivery deadline.

Can you urgently translate and notarize a translated document and its copies?

Of course. In order to provide you with this service quickly, please, send us an attached scanned copy of your document by e-mail. While we are translating it, bring the original document to our office so that we can notarize...

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods: bank transfer or electronic payment. Read more about ‘Payment methods’ by clicking here.